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Since 2007...

Sibyl Vain Clothing was born creating only one-of-a-kind pieces that were sold in small batches. Next step brought the brand to fashion shows and events, seeing an importance placed on collections - most with a distinct theme.

Featured on a variety of media platforms, you can spot Sibyl Vain on TV (MTV, TLC's Cake Boss), styling and features in several magazines (Urban Ink, Dark Beauty, Numinous, Dye) and in-person vending and styling shows at events (Warped Tour, Urban Tattoo Convention).

Heading into the future, a core collection of design staples present an ever changing array of fabrics, embellishments and maybe even your favorite band's logo.


The Designer...

Alison of Sibyl Vain Clothing has been sewing and designing ever since she can remember. "I started out probably like most other designers - making garments for my Barbies. My mentor taught me the basics of sewing and helped me through my journey of trial and error in construction." Skills would further grow with college courses, costuming for theater and film and learnt tricks of the trade from other amazing designers she worked with. 

Inspiration is rooted in the goth, metal and burlesque scenes. While the standard is an all black palette, flashes of color can hit. "My personal wardrobe is all black and that's what I see for my collections. But when you're hit with an idea in all neons and sequins, you have to get it out." Maybe we can credit growing up on Jem and the Holograms with the desire to be Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams for this.

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